Dato født 26.10.17

Dot.Com’s Joystick

N UCH Price-Spot’s Dreamcatcher

Info om kull

 Dot.Com’s Joystick  Ch City-Kid’s Dantes Peak  Ch Bell-A-Mirs Elegant Envoy
Ch  City Kid’s Amazing Grace
 Ch Dot.Com’s Expect the Unexpected  Ch Spotnik Quick Quackery
Ch  Dot.com’s Banwidth
 Ch Price-Spot’s Dreamcatcher Ch Spotnik’s Coffee Cream  Ch Dalmo’s Elegant Edward
 Ch Spotnik’s Treasure of Tomorrow
Ch Perdita’s Right on Time  Ch Perdita’s Counterstrike
 Ch Perdita’s Dotty Design

Instant Karma


Ice Princess


Inside Man

Ice Crystal

I Am Ready

Independence Day

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