C.I.B NORD LT UCH NV-22 NVV-22 Price-spot’s East West

Name: Price-spot’s East West «Disel»

Born: 04.11.2012

Health: HD: A, BAER (+\+), missing one P4, no health issues, sweet temperament

Father N UCH Price-Spot’s Cool Runnings

Mother: N UCH Price-Spot’s Bag of Tricks

Results: 5 CACIB, C.I.B NORD L LT UCH, Best dalmatian male Norway 2018

Breeding: Litter at Kennel Shospot 2017, Kennel Dalnews 2019, kennel Price-spot 2019

Owner: Heidi Price og Silje Paulsen, (lives in Bergen)

 Price-Spot’s Cool Runnings, A  Multi ch multi w  Bell-A-Mir’s Elegant Envoy, A  INT NORD PL GER NL UCH NORDv-03 KBHBv-05 Spotnik’s Viking Victory, A
 Bell-A Mir’s Classy Cleopatra
Spotnik’s Coffee Cream, A
 NUCH Dalmo’s Elegant Edward, A
 Spotnik’s Treasure of Tomorrow, B
 Price-Spot’s Bag of Tricks, A  INT S DK UCH LPII
Ridotto Napoleone, A
 N UCH Spotnik’s Quick Quackery, A
 S UCH Ridotto’s Filomena
Dalmo’s Xantippe, A
 N UCH Dalmo’s Vinston, A
 INT NORD NL UCH NV97 Dalmo’s Knysna, A

Shospot’s C litter at 5 weeks : (Price-spot’s East West – Shospot’s Zandia)

Shospot’s Curious,

Shospot’s Countess

Shospot’s Compass

Shospot’s Count


Dalnews K litter at 6 weeks: (Price-spot’s East West – CIB NORD BALT UCH DJV-12 DV-12 NV-17 Dalnews Feher Frida)

Kevin at 4 months

Price-spot’s L-litter at 6 weeks (Price-spot’s East West – Spotnik’s Golden Guinea)

Price-spot’s Love and Peace
Price-spot’s Limited Edition
8 weeks
Price-spot’s Love and Peace 3,5 months
Price-spot’s Limited Edition 4,5 months

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